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Tarox G88 Brake Discs Front LAND-G88-63 For Land Rover Range II 1994-2002

Tarox G88 Brake Discs Front LAND-G88-63 For Land Rover Range II 1994-2002

Tarox G88 Brake Discs Front LAND-G88-63 For Land Rover Range II 1994-2002    Tarox G88 Brake Discs Front LAND-G88-63 For Land Rover Range II 1994-2002
The G88 is the most unique of our brake discs and unmistakably TAROX. The reason for this unique appearance is the custom built machinery, designed and made by TAROX to ensure the grooves on the G88 are like no other. The G88's grooves feature an edge to edge design, ensuring absolute maximum dissipation of heat, while incorporating a chamfered leading edge, which ensures that the life of the brake pad is not decreased. The unique grooves allow the G88 to run cooler than any other performance brake disc tested against it.

Its unique looks and unrivalled performance on the road have led it to be a firm favourite for street tuning since its conception in 1988. As with all of the TAROX performance disc range, the G88 only uses the highest quality European high carbon TUV approved castings and features the unique TAROX finishing processes of heat treatment for strength and durability, hand finished balancing for a perfectly flat surface allowing for easy bedding-in and a perfect contact patch for maximum braking efficiency and a final, anti-rust treatment. Note : Dimensions : 297x64x22mm - Vented - 5 studs. E Note Some of the Disc Range have to be specially made and therefore some orders can take approx 14 days. Please be aware of this before ordering- please feel free to call /.

Since the early 1980s TAROX Performance Brake Discs have been associated with absolute quality. Blank casts used for TAROX discs, after having passed stringent quality controls. Are subjected to structural stress relieving heat treatment at the end of each machining phase as a result of more than 30 years experience. Facing is performed on CNC turning machines or - in the case of G88 discs - on in house custom built machinery.

Another distinguishing feature of TAROX brake discs is their perfectly level surface machined to a tolerance approaching 0.015 mm, achieved during the final finishing of the braking. Surfaces on grinding machines; each disc is ground individually by a specialised operator resulting in that distinctive shining look.

TAROX discs work best when coupled with TAROX pads which have been specifically formulated to deliver optimum performance with heat treated discs. F2000 discs are the ideal solution for those who alternate the use of the car on the road with serious sessions on the track. The curved grooves on the braking surface deglaze the.

Pads and allow the disc to run cooler. Compared to G88 the F2000 discs feature less grooves which strike the perfect balance between heat dissipation and strength ensuring they cope with even the most demanding use. All F2000 discs are based on original equipment specification, TUV approved castings, heat treated for strength and hand finished to ensure the smoothest possible braking surface.

TAROX Corsa pads are their ideal partner for track day sessions. The G88 is probably the best known of all TAROX discs and the most instantly recognisable with its multiple radial grooves machined into the disc surface using custom made.

These grooves are designed to generate a turbine effect which dissipates heat build up, allowing the discs to run cooler and reducing the possibility of warping, vibration or cracking. All G88 discs are based on original equipment specification, TUV approved castings, heat treated for strength, hand finished to ensure the smoothest possible braking surface and now. Many applications are TÜV and ABE approved by the German KBA. As the name implies Sport Japan discs were originally designed for the Japanese market where tough looks and high performance are important factors. Sport Japan discs are now one of the only aftermarket performance discs to still feature fully drilled countersunk holes which are much more effective at venting gasses which cause.

Brake fade than the more common dimples. 6 grooves on the braking surface keep pads from glazing. All Sport Japan discs are based on original equipment specification, TÜV approved castings, heat treated for strength and hand finished to ensure the smoothest possible braking. Sport Japan discs are TÜV approved for most applications.

Since the late seventies the doors of Tarox have been open to customers far and wide helping them to solve their braking problems. In this time we have seen many weird and wonderful vehicles from true icons such as the Lamborghini Miura to the new Audi RS3 with many Porsches and Ferraris and other. Performance cars and exotica in-between. Were requested to engineer an uprated Tarox version of an existing disc, sometimes by creating a two piece arrangement instead of the standard OE single piece structure, other. Times just using Tarox' high tensile cast for improved durability and resilience. We have finally got round to compiling all of these special applications into a catalogue for all car enthusiasts who are struggling to find replacement discs for their classic car or those. Who require the extra quality and performance for their sports car. Manufactured from cast iron coming from specialised foundries the discs for high performance cars have in most cases a two piece construction with an alloy bell. Two piece version may be. Tarox offer a range of out of production and hard to find discs for certain classic cars. Improved design and materials make cars designed in the 60's and 70's safer on 21st century. No matter what your requirements from a brake pad TAROX will have something to suit your needs, whether it is for hard track day use or you just require a greater quality pad for your.

TAROX pads are made from the highest quality materials developed to meet and exceed European regulations. Three different compounds are available offering varying levels of performance and comfort. It is generally considered the higher performance the pad the less comfortable it will be for. Day to day driving conditions.

If you would like any more information regarding TAROX brake pads please use the form in the contact area. A variety of TAROX Brake Kits are available to suit various applications and customer requirements. Every kit is produced from the finest materials and is manufactured in-house in. In order to choose the most appropriate specification caliper for. Each brake conversion kit TAROX adhere to the following guidelines. Each caliper is machined from a solid block of aluminium billet and hand assembled.

In principle, the more pistons the better. The benefit of having multiple pistons can be summed up. Perpendicularly distributed pressure on the pads, resulting in a more even wear of the brake pad. Smaller pistons compared to those used on traditional calipers work perfectly parallel to the piston chambers, thus avoiding wear and loss of brake fluid. Increased cooling action of the pads, due to more airflow behind the pad's back plate.

Less stress factor on the caliper itself. More clamping action resulting in more braking power due to the presence of more pistons. The diameter of the pistons in the calipers are specific to each application to take into account the car's master cylinder.

Fitting a TAROX kit does not involve the replacement or the. Modification of other brake components e. Master cylinder, servo and does not interfere with electronic devices like the ABS or SBS.

All TAROX calipers come with grey or black hard (450 Wickers) anodising for maximum life. Colour anodised calipers can be specified and although glamorous looking, they demand.

More care and attention and do not deliver the same durability as the grey or black hard anodised calipers. Extra care must be used when cleaning alloy wheels because some. Cleaning product are acid based and may damage the calliper's finish.

For best results always remove the wheel before cleaning. Most colours are available on request at no extra. All TAROX brake calipers are designed to be used without the need to be periodically serviced. The way each piston works in the chamber and the use of O-rings to keep out the dirt. Dust and other agents does not require the use of dustcaps.

It is advised that only experienced professionals dismantle the calipers: replacement components including O-ring fitted. Pistons can be ordered at your nearest TAROX distributor.

TAROX brake calipers have been designed to host large brake pads, or in the case of the B350, B380 and B400 callipers, 4 smaller pads in each caliper. Kits can be specified with any. Of the following compounds at no extra cost. Strada - Fast road use. Corsa - Fast road and track use. Competizione - Track use only. The discs featured in TAROX brake kits are developed to work perfectly with the calipers. Smaller kits feature a single piece disc whereas the larger kits feature a two piece disc in. Order to reduce weight and improve performance further. By default, kits are supplied with F2000 discs, but Sport Japan, D95 and C83 discs can also be specified when ordering at no.

Our braided brake hoses are manufactured by hand and like all products in the TAROX range they're produced from the finest quality European materials. Constructed from the highest quality PTFE flexible hose and stainless steel over braid both protected by a weather resistant PVC outer coating.

All TAROX braided lines feature fully. Swaged stainless steel fittings and anti-whip collars to provide years of reliable performance.

Each kit is designed to be a direct replacement for the OE parts and tailored specifically. Following construction, every single TAROX braided hose is individually pressure tested to ensure high performance and longevity.

Upgrading to braided brake hoses will provide you with a firmer pedal by reducing the amount of flex compared to a standard rubber hose. This results in a more immediate pedal. Response which is ideal for spirited driving and track use. Our hoses are compatible with both DOT4 and DOT5.1 specification fluids and our application list spans over 750 vehicles.

FMVSS 106 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards). DOT (USA Department of Transport). For the finishing touch, use with TAROX RoadRace brake fluid to maximise your vehicles braking system performance.

We recommend only qualified persons carry out servicing work on safety critical vehicle systems such as brakes. Improper fitting and/or adjustment could lead to brake pressure loss. Or even complete brake failure. We pride ourselves on a quality service and we are happy to address any concerns.

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  1. Item condition: New
  2. Other Part Number: 0314
  3. Classic Car Part: No
  4. Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom
  5. Manufacturer Part Number: LAND-G88-63
  6. Brand: Tarox
  7. Warranty Period: 1 Year
  8. Unit Type: Unit
  9. Custom Bundle: Yes
  10. Bundle Description: Pack of 2 Discs
  11. Modification Description: No
  12. Unit Quantity: 1
  13. Grade: Premium
  14. Placement on Vehicle: Front
  15. Modified Item: No

Tarox G88 Brake Discs Front LAND-G88-63 For Land Rover Range II 1994-2002    Tarox G88 Brake Discs Front LAND-G88-63 For Land Rover Range II 1994-2002