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NGK EPBMWT4-A011H (90069) MAF Sensor

NGK EPBMWT4-A011H (90069) MAF Sensor
NGK EPBMWT4-A011H (90069) MAF Sensor

NGK EPBMWT4-A011H (90069) MAF Sensor    NGK EPBMWT4-A011H (90069) MAF Sensor
The Smartest Intake of Air. MAP and MAF sensors have become an integral part of the engine management system. Their task is to send information to the vehicle's engine control unit (ECU), enabling it to control the air-fuel mixture needed by the engine to operate efficiently. NTK MAP and MAF sensors undergo rigorous tests to ensure they meet or even exceed the highest standards. The majority of MAF sensors come in two variations: hot-wire technology and hot-film technology.

These MAF sensors have no moving parts and use electrical current to measure air mass. MAP sensors can be classified in two groups: manifold pressure type and boost pressure type.

They provide immediate data on the manifold/boost pressure to the ECU, measuring air pressure to make calculations for fuel, and ignition calibration, which is vital to maintain engine efficiency. Situated between the intake manifold and the air filter, the MAF sensor is a vital part of the engine management system and determines the amount of air flowing into the intake system of diesel and petrol combustion engines.

Based on the air mass information, the engine control unit is able to balance and deliver the correct fuel quantity to the engine. In diesel engines, the MAF sensor serves mainly to control the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). The MAP sensor measures the air pressure by the deformation of a membrane with integrated resistors. The pressure varies depending on the throttle position, engine speed, and turbo operation.

The Boost Pressure Sensor, in turn, is used in turbocharged engines and located between the turbocharger and intake manifold. As we are a direct UK NGK/NTK supplier, 100% authenticity is simply guaranteed. We know that sometimes shopping online can be a precarious experience, however rest assured that we are a trusted partner of NGK and have been for many, many years. Driven 2 Automotive actually plays an active role in fighting back counterfeit products and we've also written a series of website blog articles dedicated on showing consumers how to spot some of the knock-off products we've discovered.

Simply type'How to spot fake Iridium IX spark plugs' in a search engine and we'll sure to be near the top of the results. Please search for the'NGK Part Finder' website on a search engine to verify fitment. If there's a compatibility chart added to this listing, please do not use it to confirm fitment and use the NGK part finder website instead. This is because it includes the latest bug fixes and compatibility updates. This item is in the category "Vehicle Parts & Accessories\Car Parts & Accessories\Air & Fuel Delivery\Air Intake & Fuel Sensors". The seller is "driven2automotive" and is located in this country: GB.

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  1. Brand: NGK
  2. Ignition Part Type: MAF SENSOR
  3. Manufacturer Part Number: EPBMWT4A011H
  4. NGK Range: MAF SENSOR
  5. Part Manufacturer: NGK
  6. Reference OE/OEM Number: 1920.GN, 1419677, 4R8Q12B579AC, 8ET009142-421,, C2C12919, KMF018, PHF500090, LMF018, FDM527,, FDM531, LVMA345, 5WK97011Z, V22-72-0035
  7. Stock Number: 90069
  8. Unit Quantity: 1
  9. Unit Type: unit
  10. EAN: 4010326900690

NGK EPBMWT4-A011H (90069) MAF Sensor    NGK EPBMWT4-A011H (90069) MAF Sensor